I had to organise a new years party in sydney, never go out in sydney after the lockout laws that sucks. so I said i'll host it at my house and then got 20$ from everyone and made 200 jelly shots and 120 burritos and 2 cases of beers and tequlia, best nye ever.

What it does

takes a facebook event and organises people paying the host and what they get for it, think crowd funding party.

How I built it

c#{ ef, mvc } and api requests

Challenges I ran into

20 hours facebook API ( half the time searching ) 4 hours db , models, config, routing 4 hours paypal 2 hours on features and getting things stable

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

i can't learn node js in three days, so I did it in c# even though the identity integration.

What's next for EzpartyEzlife

make money and party

no but seriously.

Step one re write everything with out the time constraints and get proper permission from facebook and login integration working better. step two get the party page looking more ux friendly step three add payment outs (didn't get time) step four payments out in bitcoins. step five add more party options and sliders for choosing things you want based on price eg <(goon)-----------(case of beer)------------(sailor jerries)> <(fairybread)--------------(migoreng noodles)----------(custom food)>


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