In our eyes HubSpot is the best CRM and Marketing Automation platform on the market and therefore deserves an eCommerce solution that is simple to install and easy to use and doesn't lead the data syncing issues normally associated with third party ecommerce platforms. With a slow down in client work at the start of the Covid Pandemic we set out to find a way to build such an eCommerce platform and from this eZo was born - an eCommerce solution that lives insides a customer's CMS portal.

What it does

eZo is an eCommerce platform that lives inside a customer's CMS portal. It allows customers to set up products or subscriptions easily and manage orders, customer notifications, shipping, inventory and discounts from inside eZo. All data lives inside eZo so there are no data syncing issues to worry about either. eZo includes two CMS Themes - i) eZo Lite for customers who have a CMS website and just want to add their Product/Shop pages along with an Online Shopping Cart, and ii) eZo Essentials for customers who want to build their entire eCommerce website with eZo.

How we built it

eZo is built with HubSpot CMS and utilises numerous Custom Properties, HubDbs and HubSpot APIs. Everything is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript with processing taking place on an AWS server.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into included working out how some of the APIs were configured, especially the Source Code API which we use to transfer theme files to a customer at installation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall we are so proud of what we have built with eZo as people said it couldn't be done. Some of the work we have done has been at the bleeding edge of what is possible and quite often it was a process of trial and error to get something to work. We're not done yet though and have a long list of development ideas and solutions we want to bring to eZo and our customers.

What we learned

Don't give up! Quite often when we were building things it was a process of trial and error and sometimes things didn't always work as expected. Rather than giving up we worked the problem and tried to tackle it from every direction until we found the answer. HubSpot is such a powerful solution and we are continually amazed at what we can do with it!

What's next for eZo eCommerce

Now that eZo is finished we want to continue to add new functionality for our customers such as favourited/ recommended products; customers who bought this also bought this; advanced discounts; B2B options; plus much, much more!

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