Executive Summary

EasyHealth is a mobile app which provides a convenient way for a user to make both short and long term decisions about their future meals, store their dietary history, and get useful feedback via their health provider over time. When one is on the go, they can reference nearby restaurants for a quick meal that is inline with their dietary plans (using Google Places API, Google Geolocation API, FoodData Central API with Flask). When one is at home, they can manually add their meals. EZ Health is a way for someone to connect with their healthcare provider in a stronger capacity than ever before. One can store their dietary history (Firebase database) and share their entries with their healthcare provider as they see fit.


Obesity in the U.S. has steadily grown over the past several decades, and this has disproportionally affected minority communities. When we think how we can encourage one to make the necessary lifestyle changes to become healthy, we find that access to quality foods in a convenient and affordable fashion is paramount to making permanent change, in addition to supplemental nutritional education.

The proposal of EasyHealth initially was meant to provide an individual with the ability to track their diet history and the associated macros in addition to quickly being able to determine where they could find a close meal (from a nearby restaurant, company cafeteria, etc) that fit their diet of choice whenever they where on the go (work or vacation). This provided a spin on the general lifestyle and macro trackers such as MyFitnessPal. We now realize that this is not enough to encourage change in one's diet. In order to understand and overcome the effects of a poor diet, one needs active feedback.. As COVID-19 has pushed the healthcare sector even further into the digital space (zoom appointments), we must realize that our ability to take in and process information through online means may seem limited at first. However, by working with the metrics held in apps such as MyFitnessPal, a healthcare provider can be served with a much more detailed picture of a patients state of health, and subsequently provide a more detailed plan of action for the patient.

What it does

EasyHealth allows a user to track their diet history and associated macros, organize long term diet planning on their future meals (via a meal plan) with real input from their healthcare provider as they progress, and find meals that fit their needs when are on the go and do not have access to their planned meals.

How I built it

Team 5 used React-native to build the front end with firebase providing the login/registration/tracking features, google cloud apis to provide geolocation and places interaction, and flask with the Food data central api to get nutrition facts for food/drinks.

Challenges I ran into

Many challenges where faced in the creation of EasyHealth, establishing swagger ui with flask was unsuccessful and took a large portion of time.

What's next for EasyHealth

Integration of recipes with ingredient's macros checked against the FDC api to provide more options for the users in meal plans. In addition, we could work to include support for wider nutritional info APIs to expand options. Another great addition would be the ability to identify food deserts based off common trends in user data.

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