A teacher’s life is hard. It’s full of grading, teaching, and if he or she is lucky, sleeping once in awhile. And when a teacher can’t get grades and feedback to her students quickly, it hurts both sides. The teacher suffers the constant nagging of students suffering under the stress of an unknown grade. One of the most time consuming assignments to grade is an essay, with pages upon pages to read and and nothing to make the grading process move faster. To ease the lives of both students and teachers, we created EZGrader.

In our world today, everything is becoming digital yet teachers are forced to manually grade large amounts of assignments, a tedious process.

When we spoke to multiple teachers, one major problem that they all had was that they had to grade many assignments by hand, a monotonous task that often took hours of their time.

What it does

EZGrader helps these teachers because it provides teachers with a way to make a rubric that is easy to use to check certain assignments.

EZGrader also helps students learn by identifying trends in misunderstanding or lack of understanding and showing it to the teacher. That way, if there is a common concept that the students are unsure about, the teacher can clarify it for the class.

Even if the errors a student makes in their assignment aren’t common ones, they will still receive an email with a personalized report on their assignment that includes what they need to improve on.

How we built it

We build this using Google-Apps-Script.

Challenges we ran into

Google-Apps-Script deprecated many methods, lowering their functionality a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functioning product that has a lot of cool capabilities.

What we learned

That there's always a way to solve a problem even if it's not obvious.

What's next for EZGrader

We want to add more features, and eventually try this out in our school. If that's successful, we might expand to other schools as well.

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