From personal experience, we always felt that the cruise experience could be improved. Groups go on cruises together, but the opportunities to really mingle and get to know other cruise-goers were slim since the boat is so big and there are so many different events. We wanted to help solve this problem to help customers get the best cruise experience possible. (Also, the Cruise challenge)

What it does

The app functions as a basic information app for the cruise's events, restaurants, faq, etc. The main feature of the app, however, is the ability for users to find other users on the cruise who share similar interests with them, determined by interest in certain events. These matches are presented to the user. An admin app was created to help manage the events, send notifications, and review customer feedback.

How we built it

The main user app was developed in swift. The admin app was developed with Android Studio. The database system we used was Firebase/Firestore

Challenges we ran into

The team initially wanted to create the app in swift with a backend in Node.js but the use of Firebase made it so we didn't have to do that. Two of our team members, therefore, decided to create an admin app with Android Studio, something we had never done before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together to make sure we had a finished product.

What we learned

Android Development Firebase IOS Development

What's next for EzCruise

Better implementation of notification services Messaging capabilities between users Direct user feedback through app Push notification

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