In the present time peoples commonly use technology to help their daily life. It is a good news for developer and should be a reason to creating any potential useful technology to support present daily lifestyle. Other than that, there is another good fact similar like the first, but more specific on culinary field. According to data from survey by, 38.8% baby boomer generation cannot cook Fried chicken for lunch. Millenials and Generation x are even worse. The number given for Generation x 48.3% and Millenials 59.2%. The second fact is According to the same source data. A lot of milenials, generation x, and Baby boomers generation get recipes from the internet. The number is quite very high, around 88.2% for millenials, 93.2% for baby boomer generation, and 94.3% for generation x.


We saw a bright chance to build very potential solution according to the fact we got but still didn't have any inspiration what we want to build. The Idea was coming after we saw cooking program on television. The chef was telling ingredients and step by step instructions from television. After that we have solution to helping peoples cooking what they desired using technology by tutoring user starting from ingredients, step by step instructions, until cooking is finished.

What it does

EZCook or it can be read Easy cook is an Alexa Custom Skill that can be used to helping users to cook the desired foods easier, by tutoring the ingredients and step by step instructions until finished. Not only that, EZCook also tell user about its calories and weight.

How we built it

  1. We built web service using python which is used for accepts requests from and sends responses to the Alexa service in the cloud. After finished, we deployed it to Heroku.
  2. We built web service using laravel which is used for obtain the recipe data and returning it as structured json response. Beside what we built independently, we are using Edamam Recipe Search API for searching the recipes data by query given and recipe-scraper library for scrapping the recipes from popular recipe sites. After finished, we deployed it to Our Azure virtual machine server.

Challenges we ran into

We are struggling for the right cooking solution, for the right potential user, with fitted function as user needed. And built into the right technology. Also because we are student, We don't have enough resources such as server and database to develope this project into big product. We are testing this product on simulator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've succeeded to build such a product that even we had never thought it can be done before in only in 3 days.

What we learned

There are actually a lot of useful services available that we can use for developing good product and make something useful with it. Also we learn there are many possible approach to achieve something. And another point is, working in team will produce the greatness if the communication method is good and effective. Alexa use voice as its main interaction medium with user. We have learned how user's act and how alexa should act to response it.

What's next for EZCook

We are planning to concern into user's health too. Like recommend the healthy food for vegan, analyze food's nutrient, filtering recipe by user's needs. Other than that we are also planning to have feature that community can review the recipes, search recipes by ingredients that user have, user can bookmark his favorite recipes, and many more.

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