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Our Vision With the correct funding and marketing we believe that our idea can revolutionize donating. In the future, we think that we can take this idea to the App and Google Play store. Also, in order to enhance user experience we think that we can implement Google API's that can automatically pair the donor and the volunteer.

Incentivization Our application works on the basis that there will always be enough volume of volunteers and donors willing to participate in our program. To do this, we must constanlty incentivize both parties in order to help contribute. For one, after the user (volunteer or donor) has participated in the cycle of EZContribution, we will send them a video to see where their donations went and the impacts that it had. This will instill a feeling of satisfaction in their hearts and they will want to continue doing these good deeds. In a more tangible sense, the donor will receive volunteer hour credits for pursuing the donation, and as we achieve 501 C 3 status, the donor will receive an IRS tax emption coupon for their kindness.

Our Marketing Plan We believe that we can best market our product through social media and through encouraging peer-to-peer fundraising. Also, we can drive up the views on this website by implementing Google ad mob and Pay per click, efficient solutions that will also drive down costs. Also, as we develop the mobile apps and we obtain more and more positive reviews, we will be able to develop popularity. Lastly, incentivizing our volunteers to drive and pick up goods, is key in making our workflow successful so we should keep adding incentives for them.

Our Logo Our logo symbolizes two people hands connecting making a deal and in turn passing knowledge, gratitude, and good vibes to each other. EZContribution wants to make sure that all is positivity is maximized in the form of donations.

How it connects to the theme We believe that the theme "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" is about learning from predecessors and so we took inspiration from specific volunteers like Malala Yusufzai. Her story inspired us to think deeper and give society a tool to maximize all its resources and donations. We also took inspiration from UBER Eats in order to provide our donors and volunteer with a proper functioning workflow. For this reason, we believe that our product will be extremely successful and hopefully one day it can be as big as the work that Malala Yusufzai, as she truly is a "giant" in the humanitarian field.

Thank You!

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