Home compost bins have a bad rep for smelling, or being difficult to maintain. EZCompost does exactly what its name suggests. A bin that fits under the sink, it's sealed tight to prevent leakage of material and smell, and armed with sensors and automated mixing for you to master the ropes of home composting.

What it does

It devotedly monitors humidity in the compost pile and tells the user whether the compost is too dry, too wet, or just right. It indicates this through lights of different colors, as well as an LCD screen that tells the user exactly what to do.

Is your compost pile too wet? EZCompost flashes this message: "Too wet! Add sawdust plz." Too dry? This message appears: "Too dry! Add some fruits." Finally got it right? The bin congratulates you: "Moisture levels on point."

A mixing rod also mixes your compost periodically for you, so unlike traditional home composting, you don't have to personally keep track to when to do so.

How we built it

We built a frame out of 80/20, and built the inner and outer bins and lids out of laser-cut acrylic sheets. The mixing rod was a PVC pipe with 3D-printed blades, mounted on a servo. A moisture sensor was hooked up to an Arduino Uno board, which controlled the automated turning of the mixing rod as well as the LED lights and LCD display.

What's next for EZCompost

Monitoring the temperature of the compost pile?

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