A few months ago I injured my right arm and could not use a keyboard much at all. I was only doing things on my (thankfully small) iPhone 5 where everything can be done with one hand. But I couldn't find anything productive to do on it besides read. So I had an idea of a programming language designed for phones.

What it does

It allows you to code on your phone almost exclusively in emojis. It's a real language with variables, conditions, loops and functions. For example you can set the bridge emoji to be a function which hits the Mapquest API and gets the traffic on the Bay Bridge. Then whenever you text the bridge emoji to the server, it will text you back a description of how fast traffic is going right now.

How I built it

I designed a language where emojis map to programming commands. You text your code to the number 321EZCODER and Twilio will send that text to my server which executes the code in PHP and texts you back the result. The website uses javascript to show you all the variables that you have attached to your phone number and lets you edit them.

Challenges I ran into

It's difficult to get all the features of a programming language into just emojis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created a programming language.

What I learned

You can find a lot of uses for ideas that seem pointless at first.

What's next for EZCODER

The language will be getting more features such as arrays, objects. This will eliminate the need for you to create an intermediary web page if you want to parse JSON from an API. The website will show popular functions that other people are using and allow you to copy their code.

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