"That was nasty. Somebody clip that." -DaShizWiz

Twitch clips! Viewers often post really long compilation clips of some popular streamers' content to YouTube. With this extension, viewers don't even need to leave the stream to check out highlights. Since the extension is a panel, it's usable even when the stream is offline.

What it does

Compiles the best Twitch clips from a stream so viewers can watch instant highlights if they missed the beginning of a stream or the last stream.

How we built it

We used React to build a lightweight app that grabs the most popular clips from some time period (by default, last 24 hours) and displays them in a tile format.

What's next for EZClip

LRU caching for stream visits so the API isn't called by each new viewer to the same streamer. Video overlay for embedded highlights at the beginning/end of a stream. The app is still in Twitch Rig Development, so check your near future for a full release or something.

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