Introducing EZC, A multilingual C library for beginner and advanced programmers all across the world.


C Simplification:

Our first priority is to address the growing coding community. With thousands of new learners everyday, programming needs to be fast and easy to learn. EZC.h, a C Library, makes C simple and easy to learn, by simplifying down commonly used C programs.

C Modification:

For those who already have experience with C, our goal was to make a set of functions which would overall make C simpler and easier to understand. By transforming functions which take 20+ lines into 1 line commands, EZC gets the job done fast and easy

Web Design

Project EZC is hosted online, where it’s easy to access and free for everyone to use. Using over 2000 lines of code, this website is the hub for all of our external links and downloads. The website uses CSS, Javascript, and HTML

Check us out at :

Game Design

Another important aspect of this project was to get people of all ages involved, and so we created a game that makes programming fun and easy to learn. Using simple questions presented in a game-type format, anyone of any age can get engaged in the wonderful world of programming.

Impact on the Community

We want our project to have an impact on the GLOBAL programming community. With the ability to use Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Italian, and English in our program, we want people all over the world to be able to code, regardless of what language they speak.

How to use the ezc library 1) Download ezc.h from this github 2) Inside your c program, make sure to include the ezc library 3) Check the documentation on for more help with programming

How to use the ezc interactive learning game 1) Download the unity file from this github 2) Make sure you have unity installed, if not, head over to Unity's page and install it 3) Run the unity file to play the game

Any Questions? Please send an email to or

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