Our web application simplifies getting a mammogram and aims to raise breast cancer awareness. Some of the factors preventing women from getting a mammogram include misinformation, financial reasons, fear, or anxiety. We wanted to build a web app that would reduce stress by streamlining the patient journey.

What it does

Our app provides easy-to-follow steps and resources showing how users of different ages and insurance status can access treatment. We provided educational resources and our goal was to bring awareness.

How we built it

We used React and Javascript and we used Adobe XD for the wireframes. We used Netlify to deploy it.

Challenges we ran into

  • Planning the app features and working on the UI/UX design (We wanted our message to be clear and user-friendly)
  • Learning React (Planning a study structure to meet within the timeframe)
  • Trying to implement the chat bot using Lex/Amplify

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create a web app that has a questionnaire to generate results based on the user's age and insurance. We're proud to have signed up and be able to build a web app that can help more women getting checked. We understand the importance of getting checked, education is key.

What we learned

We learned React and how to plan/deploy a website. We used Git and created our branches. It gave us good practice and what to expect in remote work. We're coding bootcamp grads, this hackathon gave us an opportunity to learn more about each other which was fun!

What's next for EzCheck

Our goal is also to make the app user friendly so users can learn about prevention and what to expect during a mammogram. In the future, we will personalize our app more by using the user’s location to find childcare, free mammography events and book appointments. We started off with mammograms for now to start but can be branched out to other medical procedures. We love to create and build especially if its for a good cause and make an impact! Thank you for the opportunity. Sincerely, The Code Sharkz :)

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