We were inspired by material design and the FSC mission. The three of us met through this hackathon and each brought different skills to the table. We are passionate about social impact and wanted to participate in this challenge to create something that will help the greater good, especially during the time of COVID-19.

Our team member is made up of:

Damian Owerko-ML PHD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania You Song Hou-NY City College of Technology Maggie Tang-Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2022

What it does

EzAudit allows the FSC to complete remote audits. This web application will allow FSC to conduct remote audits and then issue certification. The CB will be able to upload new evidence and also comment while on the video. By being able to conduct remote audits, the FSC can continue its. important work of certifying forests.

How I built it

We prototyped in Figma and then built it using react js, Material-UI, and CSS3 for the frontend. We used nodejs with express, websocket, mongoDB, and the Docusign API for the backend. We collaborated over a few weeks and each played a role in building the application.

Challenges I ran into

Our original plan was to use the Dynamics Database. It was extremely challenging and since none of us had experience with it, we were unable to use that database. However, we migrated the. data to mongodb for submission. Another challenge we had was connecting the Docusign API. Since it was Maggie's first experience with an. API, it was challenging and we ran into multiple errors. However, it eventually worked and we were able to connect the API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When we initially began, it was a daunting task to think of the limitless possibilities with which we could approach our solution. It is for this reason I am so proud of how our team was able to collaborate and work so well despite our different time zones and backgrounds to create a working product. We are most proud of the front end UI and getting the video functionality to work.

What I learned

Docusign for Good was a fantastic opportunity for us developers from all diverse backgrounds to build a strong team to work towards a challenging but rewarding goal. We are most proud of learning react, WebRTC, Websockets, media streams PAI and of course, it was the first time we used the Docusign API. We were relatively new to alot of these and it was rewarding being able to build something and learn so much.

What's next for EzAudit

We will be doing remote drone control and hope to continue to work on the app.

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