The inspiration came from one of our teammates grandfather. He used to maintain a level of activity every day usually through a morning walk. As he grow older, he slowly lost his vision and was not able to maintain his activity. We decided to try to create an app that would assist him in his daily life by helping him become more aware of his surroundings.

What it does

Our app is a concise open cv app which allows blind people to move their phone around them and the app will tell them what the object their phone is pointed at is.

How we built it

We used Xcode and made the app with Swift. We used an open cv library to create the camera feature

Challenges we ran into

Being beginners at our first hackathon, we were originally lost. We did not know what language to use or what to create. Most of our team had never used swift before. We had to get help from mentors to understand the basics and the complications of our specific code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to implement the features we originally planned for the app. The app can recognize most objects and works as intended. We were able to complete the app despite being beginners.

What we learned

We learned a lot of Swift and IOS development that we had never had any exposure to. We also learned the challenges that come along with creating an app.

What's next for EZ Vision

We want to implement new features such as a reader which uses Tesseract to help the blind read road or street signs. We also want to make the app more customizable but still simple and accessible to blind people

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