This project was inspired by the algorand challenge at deltahacks. The challenge was to use their developer to inspire positive change.

What it does

This app allows users to easily transfer crypto funds to their friends with the click of a button.

How we built it

We built it within android studio, for the front end and have a node.js / firebase backend

Challenges we ran into

A lot. Parts of the algorand sdk were not well supported for android so we had to find some workarounds which is where most of our time was spent. This included restructuring our entire application to work with a Node.JS backend as opposed to having native SDK code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ended up implementing a node.js server to interact with algorand servers and firebase since android was not able to and were able to get over that hurdle. Given the lack of expertise we had with blockchain and cryptocurrency when we started, we actually got pretty far with the technology and understanding of how it works.

What we learned

We learned about many things:

  • blockchain
  • cryptocurrency
  • algorand sdk
  • kdm
  • HTTP requests
  • android studio
  • nodes
  • transactions of algorands ## What's next for Ez-Transfer
  • being able to transfer between regular currency and cryptocurrency within the app
  • a view of the trading prices for different cryptos
  • having a friends list to easily send money to people you trust
  • NFC transactions for androids to transfer funds even easier when out and about.

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