After sharing our backgrounds, my team and I were able to identify a few issues that a large group of people outside of United States are facing. Mobile data is a commodity in many countries, costing more than talk and text plans combined. In countries with low rates of infrastructure development, data can be 80-90% of the monthly cellphone bill. After looking at that data, we wanted to give people easy access to services via low-cost text messages without the need for expensive data.

What it does:

EZ Text Allows people to communicate with cloud services via sms text messages without the need for data. With cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies, our algorithm is able to detect what language you are texting from without the need for any user input.

How I built it:

Using advanced cloud-based headless server connections, we are able to handle all the logic on the NODE.JS server, allowing users to not download anything on their phones, providing easy access to our service to people everywhere.

Challenges I ran into:

Our team had no prior experience in working with Google Cloud, which was a challenging stack to learn in under 24 hours, but as a team we were able to overcome that challenge and achieve the best possible results in a limited span of time provided to us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We are proud of how we grew as a group, developing individually as well as a team.

What I learned:

We were able to learn new technology infrastructure and develop an application that we were able to create in under 24 hours.

What's next for EZ-Text:

We would love to develop this project into a real world application.

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