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We were inspired to create EZ eats after seeing and researching how much food is wasted in the world. Especially with our current situation, restaurants are wasting more and more unused food and losing money at the same time. This accounts for about ⅓ of the world’s food production which is wasted and goes to show how much can be done if we knew how to distribute it properly since it is still perfectly good food, it just hasn't been sold.

This not only contributes to growing food wastage numbers but also takes away from the economy which is already tremendously suffering. Restaurants are losing tremendous amounts of money as not as many customers are going to restaurants these days.

The major food wastage problem and the economy sailing into a colossal storm, due to the pandemic, inspired us to create EZ eats!

What it does

EZ eats connects users to restaurants in their area which have perfectly good unused food after hours that they would normally have to throw out. Users can order food from their favorite restaurants based on availability through our app and pick it up accordingly. The app will connect users with restaurants of their preferred cuisines and they can see which restaurants have leftover food daily, allowing them to purchase whatever they want while being at a cheaper price than the normal selling price. Since the food is being sold after hours, the price is reduced anywhere from 30-70 percent so the restaurants are still making money instead of losing it by throwing the food away, and users can buy good food at a cheaper price. This helps the problem of food waste and the economy at the same time.

How we built it

We made a website using HTML for EZ eats. We began by writing a simple code asking the user to input their contact information in order to receive updates about the steps that EZ eats will take moving forward. We also inserted logos and social media links where people can find out more about the app when it goes up and running. The website will update with new developments for EZ eats and will periodically send information to users who have signed up with their emails. In the future, this website will allow for more people to learn about EZ eats and its purpose; we are aiming to bring awareness to food wastage and how we can act upon it with the creation of this app.

We also created a functioning prototype on Framer which showcases the UI for the EZ eats app. We made all the screens for the app’s UI and then proceeded to link the buttons to their respective pages, allowing for a perfectly working prototype which can then be used as a model for the real app when created.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were agreeing on an idea as well as what we were going to do in order to execute it. We first started off by brainstorming ideas and then coming together in order to decide, which did take a considerable amount of back and forth. We then took some time to decide how we were going to turn the idea into a reality. These challenges overall helped us create a solid plan as to what we were going to do and how we were going to go about doing it, allowing for us to have a very smooth experience when actually working on a bulk of the project.

Other problems we faced were coding the website through HTML. We are both beginner level HTML coders, so a majority of our time was focussed on developing the website. We learned a lot along the process, ultimately, the long process was worth it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create a website and a working prototype in the allotted time and that we were able to work together so seamlessly in order to create the best product we could. The website shows that the app is currently in progress and allows any interested people to sign up whenever they want to receive updates. This prototype allows us to see a true vision of what this app will be as well as its functionality.

What we learned

We learned how to make an idea into reality in a short amount of time by making a functioning prototype and website. We also learned the nuances of creating a website like the code and purchasing the domain so the idea could truly be ours. We also became more able to manage our time very efficiently and make an idea into reality. Let’s modernize our world and eat for less!

What's next for EZ eats

We hope that people truly see the vision of EZ eats and how it is aiming not only to help the environment but the economy as well. We plan to continue by doing some more in-depth market analysis and advertising it online and in-person in order to stir up interest. The more people who know about this problem and use this app to make a step forward, the more that we can curb the problem of food wastage and the effects this is taking on restaurants and the economy. This app is all about making a difference and this could be the first step to making it happen. Let’s modernize our world and eat for less!

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