The EZ-Detect addresses a common problem of Penn students: leaving one's PennCard behind and getting locked out of one's room. In order to solve this issue, EZ-Detect utilizes Arduino, Bluetooth modules, and Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect when a person is passing by and issue an alert to the person, reminding them to check for their PennCard. In addition to solving a common problem among our target audience, this device also has wider applicability. This can be used to remind users about anything that utilizes RFID: PennCards, credit cards, licenses, and much more.

For our earlier promotional video, please follow this link: https://youtu.be/DcVW_FzJl2E

Technical Specifications

*Arduino UNO Board: Arduino UNO Board was used to control both the master and slave modules of the device.

*Bluetooth Modules: Bluetooth was used to send signals to the slave module to output certain results based on different conditions.

*NFC Shield: NFC Shield was used to detect and register the presence of an RFID card.

*DC Buzzer: Buzzer was used to output noise to alert users.

*LED: LED was used to display the successful registration of a RFID by the NFC shield.

*PN532 Library: Library was used to program the NFC shield and Arduino to register an RFID.

*Ping Sensor: Ping Sensor was used to detect the presence of a person nearby in its range.


To access our code, please follow the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M7I5an9WFlMwZ7yyaQKPm9_Y-o_CoeHFLfR__CttkWg/edit?usp=sharing

Challenges We Faced

One of the biggest challenges we faced was limit imposed by the extremely short range of the NFC shield. Because of this, we were unable to implement a automatic detection system for PennCards like we wanted to. Instead, we needed to modify our project into a reminder system to better suit the limits of our parts. Another difficulty we faced was programming the NFC shield: we had to use an Arduino library that we next to no understanding of. Finally, the bluetooth modules also caused problems, as they were sometimes reluctant to pair properly.

Lessons Learned

Proper testing of individual parts is essential in order to ensure that project goals are met.

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