We want to build an app that allows users to store their wardrobe on their phone and plan their outfit ahead of time through the information about the weather. Unfortunately, our team consists of two Finance students who beginners in coding and never build anything before. Since the only coding languages that we know are the basics of HTML and CSS, we decided to create a website version of our original plan. We named our website "EZ Choice" with the purpose to provide the users easy access to their wardrobe and the ability to plan their outfit ahead of time without conflicting with the weather through a user-friendly platform that is using advanced technology that can greet the user, learn the user's habits and personal preference.

What it does

EZ Choice allows the user to take pictures of their clothes and manually enter the information that they want the website to remember for later use. After the user took pictures of their clothes, the build-in API will automatically categorize and label the clothes based on the clothing types, color, and brand. The user can manal The website is connecting to the weather channel where it ask for the weather information that will be displayed on the front page of the website that can remind the users about the current weather.

How we built it

HTML and CSS Glitch w3school Bootstrap API

Challenges we ran into

Don't have much knowledge -> rely on Bootstrap

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to build an API as our demo Successfully create a website

What we learned

Ask for help!! Mentors are extremely useful! Test! Test! Test!

What's next for EZ Choice

Create an App Make the App very interactive and user friendly Add data analysis Body 3D scan Turn 2D images into 3D Pull information from online clothing stores to our app

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