I was inspired by the funny moments of my past effect, and by the people, because they share it, and they found it funny.

What it does

This is a simple effect, using a 3D object from library, and when you raise your eyebrows, the eyes scale their size more big, and when you talk or play music (recording a video with microphone), the eyes scale in one axes with music or audio rythm.

How I built it

I only use Spark Ar Studio, using objects from library, and using face-occluders to look it better. Then I use the patch editor to get position to the eyes, with transitions and implement the audio analizer with another transition.

Challenges I ran into

I need to put the eyes in a null object to give the position, and then I have to use the object in to give the values of the audio analyzer. Was a little difficult use the transitions to look it accord the idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did more than 50 filters with differents features, and I learned so much from Spark Ar, I am really proud about me cause I found a way to show my 3D models on my filters, like my IronManHelmet filter (at moment my preffer filter), now I am learnig scripting to use it on Spark, but at moment I am rookie at this.

What I learned

I learned to use the audio analizer and more other features, betwen doing this project. Like the use of null objects to use 2 positions or 2 rotations or 2 scales in this case.

What's next for Eyesqualizer

This is an upgrade of my past filter, inspired by the people used that. Maybe could be implemented with another feature or another details on the future.

Built With

  • sparkarstudio
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