We use our phones at dangerously close distances without realizing it, constantly harming our eyes throughout our entire lifetime. Using phones at such a close distance could increase our risk of developing nearsightedness by 8 times and can cause significant eye damage in the long term.

What the app does

Tells you whether you're using your phone at a safe distance, notifying you immediately if the distance is close enough to cause immediate eye damage, or subtlety close enough to cause long-term eye injuries. Provides dynamic feedback metrics accurate to 0.5 cm including your real-time distance from your face to your phone, your average proximity to screen throughout the day and real-time plotting of changes to your proximity over any given time period (set to 5 seconds for the purposes of this demo).

How we built it

Built using react-native, where proximity to the user's face is determined by facial recognition machine learning models which calculate the distance between the eyes. This is then fed into a mathematical model that determines distance from the user's face to phone screen.

Challenges we ran into

Numerous recent bugs in React Expo hindered our progress, forcing us to find obscure workarounds to resolve these issues. These bugs included networking issues with the Expo client.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding distances from phone to screen accurate to 5mm using only a single camera feed as input. Learning react-native from scratch.

What we learned

React native, expo client. How to work collaboratively to actively overcome collective hurdles.

What's next for EyeShield

Expanding to protect ear health by measure dB levels of environment, adding more metrics to EyeShield. Adding a feature to determine harmful brightness contrasts between the phone screen and the environment (i.e. using phone in dark environment).

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