I wanted to make a quick, fun shark game that I could play myself. I was inspired partly by the Classic Online Iron Man game that i used to play way back, in which the ironman would fly across the globe while defeating the enemies and collect boosters.

What it does

A normal Javascript game. Players can use arrow key to move the BLAHAJ and collect the trashes to get point and Avoid Bombs!

How we built it

  1. The project is inspired by old flash games, I have taken the SharkHacks theme and accordingly chosen enemies & environment.
  2. Created a basic Game in JavaScript and then used
  3. Tried implementing BLAHAJ theme in the entire Game.
  4. Cockroach DB cluster is hosted on Google Cloud and connected to store the Highest Score of the player

Finally it's done!

Challenges we ran into

  1. Background Music is not getting started after the refresh of the game, so the game has to be restarted everytime!

  2. Setting up the physics for the game correctly and randomizing the trash and bombs speed was one of the major one.

3.Adding DB part was very confusing too.

What's next for EYESEABLAHAJ

Adding the Dashboard and Leaderboard for the players! Plus ranking system!

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