There is a phenomenon called "college myopia." Kids who go into college with good eyesight will leave needing glasses. Apparently this problem was caused by long hours either spent studying or working on a computer. Although needing glasses is not the end of the world, we certainly want to take care of our eyesight. I wanted to solve this problem so people could study while taking care of their eyes.

What it does

The biggest tip I found online was the 20 minute rule: for every 20 minutes spent looking at a computer, you should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I decided to build a timer to tell me when 20 minutes has passed. Although there are many online timers, they all lack physical interaction. I wanted to make a timer that would be fun to use.

How we built it

I used the LaunchPad starter kit. I hooked up the 4 digit display module, rotary angle sensor, and ultrasonic sensor to the LaunchPad. The ultrasonic sensor lets me control the display with hand gestures and the rotary angle sensor lets me input custom times.

What's next for EyeSaver

In the future, I plan on connecting the timer to the Wifi Booster. I want to make a dashboard to track my timer usage.

Built With

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