Being New Yorkers, we spend a lot of our lives walking from place to place. Although NYC is generally a safe city, there are certain areas of NYC where one may feel unsafe. We wanted to create an app that would help New Yorkers feel safe wherever they are traveling. Jane Jacob's developed a theory that users feel most safe when there are other people present. Not only do they FEEL safe, but statistically, they are less likely to be harmed with more people present. Using this theory, we decided to create an app that would give users the optimal route for safe travels.

What it does

We leveraged NYC's open data live camera information and IBM Watson's facial recognition to determine the safest route. EONS is an app that calculates the safest route from one point to another. It does this by using camera information from cameras located throughout New York City. Using the cameras, EONS tracks the number of pedestrians present on all possible routes. Statistically, the safest route will be the one with the most people present, according to Jane Jacob's Eyes on the Street Theory. EONS uses IBM Watsons API to use facial recognition to count the number of people present when fed information from the cameras. EONS analyzes Watson's response to provide the path that is more likely to have more people.

How we built it

We used various APIs, including IBM Watson and various Google Map APIs to create the routes. The site is built with python and and utilizes javascript for many of the map related aspects.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the people in our group were more comfortable with backend development. Because of this, many of us had a hard time utilizing javascript to create the desired results.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of leveraging NYC's open data live camera information and IBM Watson's facial recognition to determine the safest route. We are most proud of our efficient use of the Google and Watson APIs and being able to successfully integrate them into our application.

What we learned

We learned how to efficiently use REST APIs and we gained experience with data collection, implementation of a live map, and use of javascript.

What's next for Eyes On Neighborhood Streets (EONS)

We would like to add a crowd-sourcing aspect of EONS. We would like to allow users to report incidents in their area and allow them to see incidents in their areas. We would also like to expand this to not only pedestrians, but cars and bikers as well. We would like these users to be able to see accidents and other incidents that might affect them in the area.

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