We wanted to design an application that would help telehealth visits by helping provide more information to doctors. We found that at home ocular tests are not readily available in a single package.

What it does

Home testing would be able to aid a physician in diagnosis by tracking health data over time and aid in telehealth visits by providing more information than you currently obtain with more general medical applications

How we built it

Built in Android Studio with Java and Kotlin. Audio instructions and images embedded for better user experiences, especially for people with eye problems

Challenges we ran into

Loss of some team members, as well as only 1 person left on the team with app development experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ended up finishing our project with 2 team members after starting with 4. It increased the work that needed to be done, but we ended up being able to deliver a product

What we learned

What's next for Eyes First: Your Central Ocular Telehealth Solution

Building out the rest of the platform, and doing more customer discovery on our idea to further validate market need and product design

Built With

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