I always feel naked when I am reading a Message, an Email or even a simple document in Public. Although Screens have increased their viewing angles significantly in the past years, I do wish I could revert to some privacy in public, a little bit of one on one time with my screen.

What it does

It is the solution to put an end to every prying eye in public feeling the sudden need to gain a rush from looking over someones shoulder and giggling at whatever they are viewing on their devices. It bridges the gap between the excitement of an LCD cell on your screen and the excitement in your eyes' receptive cells, making all the information as private as can be, without hindering you or requiring that you wear a tin foil hat in public and only use Cardboard VR when you wish to look at your phone.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

At first, downloading a combined 70GB of required software and files to develop for the chosen platforms, we soon realized that if the proverb of "Things are never as easy as they first appear" was to be linked to something, it would be the attempt to write a software for holo-lens whilst making use of multiple levels of block-ciphers and encryption algorithms. Besides the difficulty of making things work, we also ran in to serious problems when confronted with the need to look for a piece of information in this mountain of 0's & 1's making looking for a needle in a haystack feel like something you mastered in Kindergarden. I wish we could say we were proud of having managed such a challenge, but we would blatantly be lying in your faces. When we eventually lost parts of our soul in those files, we were faced with the ridiculous diversity of blocks and elements making up the Microsoft framework

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

A lot but not Time management obviously since we are writing this in a rush

What's next for EyePatch

Ruling the world with privacy

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