Controling objects with other parts of the body so you would not have to use your body. Working with object detection, image processing and in particular tracking eye movements.

What it was supposed to do

A mobile app that detected the users pupil and tracked the direction it is looking at, connected wirelessly with to the app is a robot that would move based on the direction of the users gaze.

How we built it

OpenCV image processing library, Arduino & Lego Mindstorm Robot and closer to the end of the hack Android Mobile Vision API

Challenges we ran into

Hardware and Software issues: including a defective WIFI chip, communication through each of the different software packages and detecting the pupil and the direction it is facing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using OpenCV to Detect the Faces & Eyes, making a C# serial interface that sends the commands to the arduino and getting the results from the Android Vision API.

What we learned

Image Processing, Object Detection, Android Develpment

What's next for EyeMoveRobot

Being able to accurately detect the location of the pupil and the direction it is facing using OpenCV and using applying some machine learning

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