Astigmatism is a term used for the irregular shape of the surface of the eye called the cornea.The abnormal curve of the cornea means that when light enters the eye, it is not correctly focused on the retina, resulting in an unclear image.A cornea without astigmatism has a perfectly round shape like the surface of a ball.With astigmatism, the surface of the eye is shaped more like a football.It focuses light at two places on the back of the eye, and this causes blur.Astigmatism may also be caused by an irregularly shaped lens, located behind the cornea inside the eye.That is where we came to eradicate by alerting the person to blink.

What it does

It gives intimation after every 7 seconds that we haven't blinked.if the person already blinks then it doesn't intimate

How we built it

We built with <3 and Arduino UNO

Challenges we ran into

Hardware failures,we overcame by changing the hardware functionalities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally finished the prototype

What we learned

Team Playing is always important and here we were a good team and did create 2 projects.

What's next for Eyemism

We're making it to miniature and more functional

Built With

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