Help people to produce messages when they are unable to type them or speak

What it does

An outline of the user's face appears on the screen with a message. Every time the user raises their eyebrows, the message on the screen will iterate through a list of choices. When the user opens their mouth, the message changes color on the screen to indicate which message they would like to send.

How we built it

This was built using the p5.js open source library.

Challenges we ran into

Because the UI is continuously redrawing, we had to avoid infinite loops

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Adapting our project to work under confinements of what is possible to accomplish in the given time

What we learned

How to use open source code to solve a problem

What's next for EyeMessage

We would like to implement a login interface for different users. Also to send messages remotely and display response messages on the screen.

Built With

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