The blinding sun, rural Canadian driving

What it does

The window heads up display that we have developed can identify real world objects which can be tracked relative to it's user.

How we built it

The demolition of most of an LCD computer monitor interfaced with two web cams combined with many hours of debugging and a lot of coffee.

Challenges we ran into:

Developing a calibration procedure that would properly sample the full degrees of freedom of the system. Working with disparate hardware.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Getting a fully operational proof of concept.

What we learned

We gained experience in image recognition software, specifically the openCV library.

What's next for eyeHUD

Expanding the scope of applicability.

  • Infrared detection for pedestrians and wildlife in night time conditions
  • Displaying information on objects of interest
  • Police information via license plate recognition
    Transition to a fully transparent display and more sophisticated cameras.
    General optimization of software.

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