Pronounced Icarus

What is more secure than a password you don't know? A password that is tied to your specific neurology. Everyone's brain develops differently and everyone has a different reading speed. We created original code for eye tracking that can run from the front-facing camera on a mobile iOS device.

This was a huge challenge inventing powerful eye-tracking code that could run on a limited capability device. We were able to successfully detect several user's passwords using the app's current version. Because this encryption runs on a mobile device, it can make an mobile devices more secure. Many of these devices had no access to a subconscious password system, however all of them had a front-facing camera.

2017 is the 110th anniversary of the death of Louis Émile Javal, a French ophthalmologist who first described the way the eye moves while reading. The eye makes short jumps and stops at different groupings of words as it reads. The amount and frequency of eye movements when reading are like a fingerprint that correlates to an individual’s developmental and cognitive function.

This project explores an untapped resource for cyber-security. It has the potential to revolutionize everything from how you unlock your phone to how you bank on the go.

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