We were inspired by both the Guardian Life Health & Wellness Hack and the 1517 Entrepeneurialism Hack Prompts to create our own software to help better the lives of other. We personally know close friends who cannot use technology because of amputations caused from injury. As a result, we developed our personal program to sell that would be a much cheaper option than other competitors.

What it does

Our program uses machine learning to simulate cursor movement through the use of facial recognition. All the functions of a computer mouse, such as scrolling and clicking, can be accomplished through using our software. For instance, in order to scroll any direction, you first have to open your mouth to toggle action recording. Then, move your face left, right, up, or down to scroll to your desired location. If you want to click where the cursor is, wink your left eye for five seconds.

How we built it

The main programming language utilized to create the back end of the program was Python. We used various Python modules which includes (but is not limited to): opencv, dlib, tkinter, etc. On the other hand, we used HTML, CSS, and JS for the front end of the program to create a shop where people can purchase the software.

Challenges we ran into

With so many prompts to choose from, the hardest part of participating in the hackathon was choosing a project to work on. Eventually, we were able to filter it down to just one specific topic, which allowed us to focus to creating the EyeClick program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making something advanced that will be able to benefit the lives of many people in society in just 24 hours. We have worked tirelessly throughout the whole event in order to fulfill this goal. Our program is able to compete with other competitors that may be more expensive to purchase. By making our costs low, we are giving more accessibility to use these programs to those that need it most.

What we learned

As this is our first high school hackathon, we have learned how powerful it can be to work as a team. Until yesterday, we have never met one another. We decided to join the same group together and see what our unique programming skills combined can produce. We have learned to work efficiently while also making sure that our project was of the highest caliber that we can possibly make it. We have all greatly enjoyed this experience and plan on participating in more hackathons in the future.

What's next for EyeClick

Considering the fact that we were only given a time period of 24 hours to work on this project, there is room for improvements. One thing our group really wants to work on is voice recognition. This would enable users to utilize speech to type rather than using a digital keyboard that must be controlled through the facial recognition system. This will save a lot of time for the users. Furthermore, we would want to make this program universal rather than a windows only program.

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