In under-developed areas, due to discrimination against girls , much more boys are born than girls. When the boys come of age, it’s hard for them to find wives, so it has been come practice for them to buy wives through girls women and trafficking. And once you become a girls women abduction and trafficking victims, it’s hard for you to ever be found. I was from a small town in China, when I was in high school, there was a time there are girl abduction stories on newspaper every day, and that scares me a lot. So we want to develop something that extract most information from the public to help this course with the minimal efforts required from the user.

When we search for success stories, there was one when back in 2014, a facebook posting help police locating a missing girl. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children received a lead from a stranger who learned a girl was missing from one of their Facebook posters. The caller has seen the girl in the Tubbs Hill area. The girl was found within days with this piece of information. (Story link:

The public holds a great wealth of information that could play a crucial role in locating missing girl. But say I’m a stranger, I want to help, I feel the how is not clear to me. It requires a certain level personal initiatives and efforts to participate. Plus what are the chances this happens? The chances for a stranger to see the missing girl is slimy, the chances for a stranger to be able to remember this and recognize the girl is even slimier. How to engage as many people as we can, catch people during their free time, utilized the most information possible, produced accurate matching and speedy reporting with minimal efforts required from a stranger? For example, help finding a missing girl just by play Pokémon GO?

What it does

With EyeCamHelp enabled in the backend, it would capture real-time snapshot anytime the camera is on. Say you are playing Pokemon Go, it would capture the images through the AR function. The app would do face detection between the screenshots feed and missing girls. The app also scan photo gallery to find possible match if authorized. We would also send real time notification, if the user enter possible locations for a missing girl.

Once a match is identified, there would be a 1-click reporting option for the user to alert related authorities(time & location when photo is taken and if authorized, the photo). And the user would also get a recognition on his/her Facebook status, “XX found a missing girl via EyeCanHelp”, with links to more info. The user could at his/her friends who are in the same location at the time. The user could also give the time-location info to Facebook and let Facebook massage the people who have been at the location during possible timeframe.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app engages as many people as we can, catches people during their free time, utilizes the most information possible, produces accurate matching and speedy reporting. It allows to help in an effortless manner, like finding a missing kid just by play Pokémon GO.

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