We have the luxury of being able to view the world through our own eyes, while others are unable to do so. Despite certain obstacles, people with visual impairments should be able to do simple tasks in their lives, such as taking ownership of their finances. Financial independence provides us with a sense of direction and ownership of our lives, and we wanted to improve those with visual impairments' ability to facilitate their financial management.

What it does

We created a program that could be used on any financial device with proper integration, such as an ATM, that will properly guide the user through the steps required to access their bank account, and deposit or withdraw depending on what the user would like to do. This can be done through their speech which facilitates the need of having to orient themselves with the number pad.

How we built it

We built the program primarily with python, which allowed us to integrate tensorflow, google speech api, machine learning concepts for proper facial recognition of the user which was accompanied by yolo, and a raspberry pi for the demonstration of an ATM. All of these technologies had to be integrated together for the proper guidance and assessment of the user.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was integrating all of these technologies together. Many obstacles arose due perfecting the proper integration of one set of software with the other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to successfully implement a variety of technologies in order to improve the lives of others.

What we learned

How technologies work with each other and also how difficult it is to make them work with one another.

What's next for EyeBank

Hopefully, EyeBank can be implemented into future ATM's and other financial outlets that are utilized by those that are visually impaired or benefit from audible communication with technology to facilitate their daily tasks.

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