Hands-free, voice-free computer usage.


  • For those without the easy use of hands.
  • For those sensitive moments when you don't want someone else knowing what you're up to and don't have enough time to react physically.
  • For everyday, multi-purpose use.


  • Revolutionary Computer Vision. We detect your face, then your eye, then your pupil using both greyscale gradient differential fields, cascading classifiers, and Haar featurizers.
  • Integration with OSX. We provide OSX integration to automate tasks such as dimming and undimming the screen (for incognito), switching between desktops or windows, and minimizing all open windows. We also have an endpoint for any automatable task to be hooked up to.

With what?

  • C++
  • OpenCV
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa and AppleScripts

Built With

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