Wearable technology, the

What it does

It uses GPS information to provide navigation. It uses artificial intelligence to identify construction, hazards, and stairs from video feedback. It can then use audio (earphones) and/or visual cues (Augmented reality) to tell/show the user navigation and obstacles.

How I built it

I was going to make a video based demo, but I can explain the concept with power point and enthusiams

Challenges I ran into

Trying to make sure your idea is unique is hard. Also, my original team struggled on deciding what to do and include. I didn't have time to make an AI demo like I wanted to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Going through with the idea!

What I learned

I learned it is always important to ask questions or get feedback, especially early on!

What's next for Eye Rev

I want to get a camcorder, attach it to my own glasses, and connect it with a trained AI for hazard avoidance.

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