Background is from prescription ski goggles. We have developed this product and were wondering with the need for eye protection for caretakers if it there was a need for a new product for them. In the hack the crisis belgium hackathon we saw that 75% of all glasses wearers are hindered by condensation during their caretake activities. There is thus a clear need for something new!

What it does

Integrated prescription solution for eye protection + online platform for PPE's.

How I built it

Through 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

Challenges I ran into

Finding production capacity for a new product that is also economical to scale. Building a team that can cover all the requirements for a product launch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that we are bringing together people from very different continents and background to work together on this.

What I learned

That is crucial to ask yourself constantly if there is a real need for your product and how once you have the product you will do a successfull product launch.

What's next for Eye protection for health care workers

Develop a platform to match supply and demand for eye protection in corona times. Where new products like ours but also standard PPE's can be sold.

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