Many families have health issues and we wanted a faster way to communicate with a doctor. Sometimes we get too busy to keep track of everything we do, so we don't notice something wrong. But with the is web application, it makes it easier.

What it does

Eye Open Health is an easy way for doctors to track their patients health life style. Using our web application, the doctors are emailed the most recent data from the patient and get's alerted when there are any inconsistencies. This is helpful for the doctors and healthcare physicians to save their patient's life. They already have a record of the patient's pre-existing health conditions so the data from the patient's phone health app will allow healthcare physician to monitor how their patient are doing.

How we built it

Using QS Access, we extracted the Apple Health data in a xml file and then converted it to JSON files and created a csv file from that data. We used python to filter that data, send an email to the doctor, and parsed though the data to find any inconsistency. If there are, we used Twilios API to send a text message to the doctor.

Challenges we ran into

Challenged we ran into were converting the file from JSON to csv because there was a lot of repeating data from the xml file and it was difficult to parse through it. We tried to add pictures to the HTML5 template which was sort of hard because of how the layout was. We weren't able to connect the two together and some of the images were a bit off. We would've loved to build it from scratch but we didn't have enough time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we are proud of is being able to send emails and text messages with the recent data and being accurate. Also building a somewhat working model for this app.

What we learned

We learned that innovated ideas can always be dreamt off last minute. We thought of this idea after the Murder Mystery game and we somehow pulled it together to make this model.

What's next for Eye open health

We hope to have a working model and this time use all data instead of just a few things. Currently we only keep track of heart rate and steps. In the future we would hope to keep track of all health issues including bloop pressure, vitamin deficiency etc.

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