Coming home from the dark age of the pandemic, the way we work as changed permanently. The distributed and hybrid working culture not only allows for more flexibility in deciding where we work, but also when. If we had the chance to distribute our work freely throughout the day, how would we do it? At which times are we the most productive, and when should we better take a break? Science has shown that our level of focus can be assessed in a deceptively simple way - once again, the saying of the eyes being the "window to the soul" proves right. Using this new source of input, we aim to empower the user by this new source of information in planning the perfect working day.

What it does

The web app uses eye tracking to assess your level of distraction and shows the scores on a dashboard.

How we built it

The eye gaze coordinates are extracted from the video data using the webgazer.js API. Only these coordinates are sent to the backend, protecting the user's privacy. On the Flask backend, the coordinates are stored in an SQLAlchemy database. A distraction score is calculated based on the standard deviation of these coordinates, relative to a random distribution over the whole screen. The time series and statistics of the score are shown on a dashboard powered by Plotly Dash.

Challenges we ran into

  • Webgazer is too inaccurate and samples too infrequently to be able to use this data for more involved classification algorithms for eye movement patterns
  • Coordination as a hybrid team
  • Lack of time, as always :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What's next for Eye need a break!

  • Use browser notifications to alert the distracted user, suggesting to take a break
  • suggest activities such as workout, yoga or mindfulness
  • use authentification to pair distracted users for a coffee break
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