I've worked event where the difficulty of validating a person based on a 10 year old drivers license photo has been challenging

What it does

Use the HoloLens to verify identity of the person showing identification. The recent release of the cognitive services by Microsoft and Amazon offers an opportunity bring live verification to security interactions with photo identification. Eye Identify will take a snapshot of the person and compare them and their photo identification in real time.

How I built it

Still working on it but basics are built in Unity 3D with integration into AWS web services.

Challenges I ran into

Making the connection to the web services and time availability to work on the idea.

What I learned

There are some great opportunities to take the power of the HoloLens

What's next for Eye Identify

Built a complete prototype to test with the appropriate target market. Then find a way to get access to the HoloLens for further testing and idea validation.

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