Eye-dentify provides insight about the world around you in an instant - so you don't have to guess.

Smart recognition

Using the HP IDOL OnDemand API, Eye-dentify can not only scan for text, but can read barcodes and QR codes, and even correctly identify corporate logos, eliminating the need for multiple apps.

Eye-dentify recognizes and extracts key information, such as names, phone numbers, website urls, and places, from the text it sees. It then allows you to automatically export the information into a contact on your phone, or shows you the current stock information of the company.

On the Go

Through implementation with Google Glass, we've made the entire experience hands-free with a simple voice command. No typing, no searching, no hassle. Eye-dentify is with you at all times, at just a tap of your Glass or the sound of your voice.

Scalable and Versatile

We've made the IDOL OnDemand better and easier to implement. Eye-dentify processes images before passing them through for analysis, resulting in improved accuracy and increased readability of photos.

Eye-dentify has the potential to be the basis for a diverse range of programs.

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