Dealing with frustration the best way. The best way people of our generation know how to: looking at pictures of cute animals. <3

What it does

Replaces all pictures on your browser by photos of cats, dogs, and other cute members of the animal kingdom.

How we built it

Chrome extension --javascript Myo Gesture Control Armband and all functions that comes with it Connecting the two using more javascript Website hosted by NameCheap --html & css

Challenges we ran into

Considering our team composition:

  • Soft Eng. (x1): master hacker
  • CS + Bio (x1): intermediate hacker
  • Mech Eng. (x2): novice hackers Assigning tasks to everyone had to be done strategically.

Also, connecting the hardware was a pain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of producing an extension that will contribute to general happiness, reducing distress and bringing world peace. Proud that everyone has contributed to the project despite our skill differences. All of that, energy drink free :D

What we learned

Team work How to connecting hardware

What's next for Eye Bleacher

More precise ways to detect distress: finely tuned sensors Different themes of pictures associate to different gestures/cue linked to the sensor

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