Extremity is an app specifically made for emergencies. Extremity will auto call/text a phone number you initially chose. Extremity is targeted towards children between age of 8-15 and elders of ages 55 and up, but there are no age restrictions anyone can use Extremity. Extremity is a submission for national competition by Lenovo, NAF and Mit App Inventor. Extremity is based on No Texting While Driving, an app inventor tutorial, and Where Is My Car app, another app inventor tutorial.

Whats next for Extremity?

We will add following features to Extremity like pick a dispatch number using a dropdown menu. We will also add so that user can enable/disable the dispatch number.

Challenges we faced

One of the challenges I faced as a programmer was to handle strings in TinyDB, but that was for older versions of Extremity. Another challenge the app as whole faces is getting the location faster.

Our Goal

Our main and only goal is for anyone who uses Extremity to be safe outdoors.

Our Team

  • Dev Patel (me) : Lead Programmer and Project Organizer
  • Devin Zarate : Lead Design Adviser
  • Maria Lopes : App Grammar Helper and Design Adviser

New Bedford High Schools Information Technology teachers

  • Mr. Acevedo, Intro to programming, Computer Hardware and Computer Networking
  • Mr. Houtman, AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles[in future], Geometry
  • Mr. Motta, Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Production, Current in charge of the "Whalers Show".
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