Microsoft Excel and xlam-file based Excel add-ons are now tending to offer data science, predictive analytics, and geographical information system capabilities.

For web servers, Google’s Go language is two-times better than NodeJs, which is two-times better than Python, which is two-times better than Php.

This advancement urged me to create an xlam-file based Excel add-on, which can enhance the capabilities of small travel agents.

What it does

Extra.xlam file offers Extra ribbonbar with several convenient features.

  • Xampp, NodeJs, GoLang, and MongoDB buttons can download and install Xampp (Apache http server, MariaDB database, Php language interpreter, and Perl language interpreter), NodeJs web server framework, Go language & web server, and MongoDB database.
  • Sabre, Google, and Instagram buttons can guide in Sabre, Google, and Instagram APIs.
  • Status button can show the status of various servers. OnOff button can start or stop a server.
  • Space button can show the sizes of drives, folders, and files. Merge button can merge records from different worksheets, files, and folders.
  • Person, Point, and Amount buttons can prepare and open Excel files for records of passengers, travel points, and travel financials.
  • Check button can make use of a Sabre API and fetch information of flights available for multiple travel plans listed on a spreadsheet. Watch and Compare buttons can monitor and compare travel options. Approve button can route a travel plan for authority’s approval.
  • Book button can book a travel plan. Itinerary and Vouch buttons can get itineraries and vouchers for travel plans.
  • Map button can show locations on Google map, Forecast and Alert buttons can give forecasts and alters related to upcoming travel plans.

How I built it

  • Used the standard method for creating a custom UI for Excel.
  • Added buttons and indicative icons.
  • Added Visual Basic code.
  • Used Sabre API and Json to Xls conversion for Check button.

Challenges I ran into

I dreamed up reaching the Mars, but could only reach the Moon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The layout presented on the ribbonbar is quite user-friendly.

What I learned

I learned the use of Sabre APIs, and Json to Xls conversion.

What's next for Extra - Excel in & for Travel

I would like to finish the coding for all the buttons.

Built With

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