Make some change with Extra Change!


We were inspired by the problem of no tip jars in the virtual world. In addition, donating to a GoFundMe or Kickstarter can be daunting, and give a dilemma of donating too little which won't help much, or too much, which can be a large expense. Extra Change solves that problem.

What it does

On the website, users can create funds and have a goal amount to raise. When people are shopping on Amazon, they can use the extension at checkout to round their costs up to the nearest dollar, and donate that extra amount to a fund of their choice.

How I built it

For the backend, we used Flask and Datastax Astra as the database. The frontend was made with HTML/CSS, as was the chrome extension. The frontend also used bootstrap for styling.

Challenges I ran into

Datastax Astra's python driver didn't seem to work at all, so we ended up switching to the curl/requests API, which worked well. We were all also completely new to making chrome extensions, but managed to figure it out. We also had problems connecting the chrome extension to the backend, but we used a simple post request and got it working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Extra Change

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