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Over 180,000 acres of land have been damaged leading to horrid environmental effects. 1 billion dollars/year have been lost, and over 200 people have passed away due to the wildfires. As Someone who personally had to evacuate due to the wildfires; I wanted to create something hence to aid everyone during these tough times.

What it does

Extinguish uses machine learning to provide helpful insights about fires. Users can enter a location and the webapp will calculate if it is in a high risk of being hit by a wildfire or not We have also trained and webscraped data, so the webapp can go through many satellite images and detect which one is most accurate of what will happen in the future. We have also used folium and leaflet.js to make an interactive map that presents us with predictions of monetary loss/damage and where fires might hit next year. Lastly we have used various api's to detect the closest fire near you and the monetary damage, land damage that it will cause as well as the status of what you should use

How I built it

HTML/CSS for web development Javascript for api handling and web development Geo Location API to detect users location Weather API to detect several factors like humidity, temp, etc. Machine Learning to detect high risk places Datastax Astra database Leaflet Js and Folium for interactive map Newsfeed api to retrieve up to date information about wildfires.

Challenges I ran into

It was extremely hard using folium for a first timer.. I was hoping to make 3 maps however I was only able to generate one

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time using advanced machine learning, folium, leaflet.js, datastax astra

What I learned

Learned that you should test multiple classifiers and how the Random Forest Classifier works.

What's next for Extinguish

Promote this with the mayor of my city to hopefully use this. As I live in California.. It would have a huge impact here.

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