Extinction is the death of all living animals or plants of a particular species. It is part of the natural way of our earth's mechanism to cope up with evolution. In the past couple of centuries, several species had gone extinct due to natural and human causes and now those species are no more to be seen in the current period. The current generation and the upcoming generation of people will not have any chance to see them in real due to their extinction. Extinctverse offers the chance to see them and learn about some of the extinct species with Mixed Reality.

What it does

Extinctverse is a Windows virtual reality experience that allows people to see some of the extinct species(Dinosaurs, mammoth, quagga..etc.,.) in their real life look and provide some details about them and how they went extinct. It offers a learning experience about the extinct species and awareness to save the living species for the future generations.

How we built it

Extinctverse uses StereoKit to create the Mixed Reality experience. Built with c# , visual studio and 3d modelling, asset tools.

Challenges we ran into

Building and sourcing the extinct species 3d models and scaling them to real world dimensions. Adding animations to the models were bit challenging and it's still work in progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning and Building a windows MR application with Stereokit and building something new. Creating a one of a kid experience by bringing extinct species to life and creating awareness to save the living species.

What we learned

Stereokit to make MR experience, 3d modelling and texturing. VR design concepts.

What's next for Extinctverse

Currently its more of an open room experience and needs a museum like environment setting to enhance it as museum experience. More species 3d models needs to be added to increase more learning and to see more extinct species. More Dinosaurs models are in progress to be added.Animations to the models to be added to provide living look to the animals.

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