I watch alot of sci-fi and one of my favorites sci-fi is Ghost In The Shell. In that anime there is a concept of external memory. People in that world have evolved to a point where they have augmented brains with duo-level intelligence. Their original brain ( called ghost ) and external AI driven brain called external memory.

I see this convergence in our real world technology as well. As people adopt these external programs to assist and augment their intelligence. The interfaces have to be persistent and natural. This fits perfectly with Moverio.

The target would be everyone, this is a general purpose technology to assist and augment a person general intelligence, using invisible natural interfaces ( voice, gesture, predictive ). Use cases would be recall of important events (both audio and video), streaming video from external cameras in realtime, automated facial recognition and recall, automatically decoding QR and scan codes, controlling and scheduling tasks down to the second level, realtime physics projection and calculation on real world objects.

Built With

  • azure-client-server-visual-studio
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