Virtual reality has become a sexy trend in the entertainment industry, so we set out to create an immersive and expandable VR experience.

What it does

We created 2 separate first person VR games. The first is categorized as an arcade style game, where the user shoots various blocks in order to score points. The second is more of a single player survival game, where the individual defends himself against an endless wave of enemies.

How we built it

We used for the arcade style game, which is a web-based VR platform allowing the application to be run on a variety of devices, from Google Cardboard to normal PCs. For the survival game, we used Unreal Engine, a professional software designed for industrial use with more complex features, but limited in terms of platforms support.

Challenges I ran into

As we only had 1 Xbox controller to demo, we tried to build a homebrew controller using an Arduino 101 with Bluetooth, a joystick, and a set of buttons. Unfortunately, the Arduino's "Low Energy" Bluetooth technology did not allow the latency we wanted from the controller - the inputs were too sluggish to be used effectively in an actual game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The development of the single player endless individual mode, as it was the one we struggled the most with. We are most proud of developing two separate games side by side with time to experiment with new hardware. We are also satisfied in our efforts in targeting a large market: WebVR, available on low cost hardware with simple graphics, and Unreal Engine, requiring more high fidelity hardware but featuring more complexity.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the coordination required to develop a mobile game. Individuals all had to be on the same page at the same time otherwise various conflicts would arise. Code-wise, we had to learn to utilize new Javascript libraries for creating the WebVR game. We also largely improved working together as a team, rotating roles and making sure everyone was making progress.

What's next for Exterminat0r

We hope to be able to develop a finalized version of both the arcade and the endless mode in the future, perhaps combining them into one. Various minor bugs will need to be 'exterminated' in order to allow a successful launch.

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