I thought about a shared context, where smartphones are not only personal devices, but used together in collaboration with other people to reach common objective.

Scenario: you are meeting your friends in a Pub. You have a note on Evernote that you want to show to them about planning you and your friends's holidays. With this app, it's easier to brainstorming your holidays:

  • launch the app on every smartphones
  • pick the note you need on your smartphone Sharer
  • let your friends select the Viewer

Now your friends are able to see your Note's content with 2 modes:

  • Mirror: your notes will be visible on your friends's smartphones ![mirrorMode.png]
  • Split: put all the smartphones one near each other and you will see the content divided on the other screens... you will see the note on a bigger Screen!

(The Scrolling on the main device will change the content of the other devices accordingly ) There is no need of an internet connection (except for the note to download), because the smartphones use Wifi Direct to exchange data.

Other Scenarios:

  • On a bus or metro students can pass notes
  • Friends at the pub, they can plan a vacation
  • Discuss plans with other people using only smartphones

This app is made for meetings or collaborative activities. You don't need to bring with you your tablet or laptop, you need just your smartphone(s)! The app is not perfect of course.. but what for me it is interesting it is the concept that i would like to see implemented on an important app like Evernote.

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